Episode 6: Top Paid Search Updates of 2017

2017 recap Top Paid Search Updates

2017 recap Top Paid Search Updates
In this episode, a panel of PPC specialists give their verdicts on the changes made by Google, Bing and others during the year.


Panelists: Doug McCaffrey, Olga Gladycheva, Pierre Levasseur, being moderated by Glenn Schmelzle

Updates made by Paid Search platforms that we cover:

  • Custom Intent Audiences
  • AI Attribution models
  • Review & Promotion extensions
  • Ad variations
  • Modeling conversions via GCLID
  • IF function in Ads
  • Account Health score
  • AdWords Experience UI
  • Cross-device remarketing
  • Nearly Exact Exact Match
  • Youtube ad restrictions
  • GSP stops reading emails
  • AdWords + Google Optimize

Funnel Reboot tip:

Stay up-to-date through the Google Ads blog

Episode 5: Dealing with how work’s changed with digital

Thomas Edison and the Brain Trust, AKA the Muckers


This episode covers the way we work in digital. As the pace of work has sped up, we’re using more agile methods to plan our resources. As automation and artificial intelligence enter, we’re deciding how it gets used in our marketing stack. We are also figuring out how our organizational culture fits with this, so everyone can focus on a funnel that efficiently converts visitors into buyers.

This Episode’s Links:

Scott Brinker’s Book, “Hacking Marketing”

Jim Sterne http://twitter.com/jimsterne

Christopher P. Berry http://twitter.com/cjpberry

This Episode’s Reboot:

Read the Agile Manifesto at

Photo: Thomas Edison and ‘the muckers’ in front of the Menlo Park laboratory

Episode 4: Dealing with how digital is measured


This episode is about how digital has changed how we measure marketing. We’ll cover the explosion of data brought by the Internet. We’ll look at how to clean and filter data so only the right kind is used for analysis. We’ll talk about tools for analyzing and reporting data, for sharing data with core areas of our business, and also for insights we ourselves get out of it. Finally, we’ll see how more leads can be generated by analyzing how buyers respond to our content.

Links mentioned:

Urchin Software  (acquired/rebranded as Google Analytics)

Robert Rose

Difference between Stock and Flow numbers

Renaissance Men

Eric Peterson’s Big Book of Key Performance Indicators (author’s full-text release)

This Episode’s Reboot:

I’m going to recommend that you review your own KPIs. You can even benchmark them against some external KPI libraries out there. First time I learned these things existed, I was fascinated. There’s kpilibrary.com, free-kpi.com, smartkpis.com and others. These are all great places to get inspiration for choosing the KPIs that matter to your own organization.

Episode 3: Dealing with Digital Conversations

brad geddes


One of the ways that digital has changed marketing is in how buyers converse with sellers. the experiences we deliver actually facilitate a conversation where they buyer talks him or herself into either buying or engaging with sales.

Links Mentioned:

Robert Collier (great article here on the Collier Principle and Collier’s bio)

Cluetrain Manifesto, Ch 4 “Markets are Conversations”

Brian Clark “Educate people enough to do business with you”

Don Peppers & Martha Rogers books

Joe Pulizzi and the Content Marketing Institute 

Funnel Reboot:

Imagine you’re not a marketer for your product, but rather the person who it’s intended for.

  • Get a keyboard or notepad out and write down all questions you’d need satisfied before you’d feel ready to buy the product. If nothing’s coming to mind, you can pretend to be someone who has bought from you. A client you personally know, so you can picture what they’d say.
  • Now, go to your website and other online properties, and check off each question that those sources answer. Do you have any unchecked questions when you’re done? Those are the gaps in the conversation.
  • Make a plan to turn this rough list into a set of content topics you’ll cover , to give buyers the kind of experience that leads to a sale.